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GSoC 2009

Title: Implement local map rendering of OpenStreetMap data in libchamplain


Libchamplain is a C library providing a ClutterActor to display maps. It is my goal to add support for local map rendering of OpenStreetMap XML data. This is going to allow the client to use custom map themes and to do the selection or exclusion of map elements. Libchamplain will become useful for a wider range of applications. A local renderer also provides the foundation to support accessibility features for maps.


Task Status
May 24 to July 6 – Interim period 1
Evaluate which rendering library should be used. Done
Get familiar with the details of Git, GObject, Clutter and libchamplain. Done
Remove all global variables in Memphis and restructure it. Done
Split Memphis into a library and a client. Done
Write a standalone Memphis OSM renderer. Done
Model the objects and methods that need to be implemented or changed in libchamplain. Done
Embed the renderer into libchamplain using a local file as source. Done
Add support for data access through the OSM API. Done
July 7 to August 10 – Interim period 2
Add caching support. Done
Add functions to query and modify map element properties. Done
Refine the libchamplain API to expose the new features. Done
Write a test application that shows the new capabilities. Done
Document the new additions to the libchamplain API. Done
Improve the default Memphis rules.xml. Not Started
Extra: Add missing renderer features. (e.g. dotted lines, place names) Not Started
August 10 to August 17 – Final days
Debugging Done
Code clean-up Done


My Memphis progress can be tracked here:
My libchamplain progress can be tracked with my gitorious branch ‘local-rendering’:


Written by Simon Wenner

May 22, 2009 at 6:33 pm

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