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GSoC Week 2

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Last week I could not work full-time because I had to learn for my last exam on Friday. Nevertheless I managed to accomplish important milestones:

  • I restructured Memphis: Removed all global variables and made it thread safe.
  • Refined the new GObject based api on top of it.
  • Added tile rendering capability that implements the ‘slippy map’ specification (used by Mapnik and Osmarender).
  • Created a demo application that renders png image tiles of the area that contains data in an xml map file.

Memphis is now close to the state that it can be used in libchamplain. Only some minor features are missing (e.g. dynamic resolution) and some parts need a cleanup and better input sanitation.


Written by Simon Wenner

June 8, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Posted in gnome

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